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To carry out highly-skilled employment in Austria, you must be granted one of the following permits:

  • Residence title – Red-White-Red Card (Aufenthaltstitel –Rot-Weiß-Rot – Karte);
  • Residence title - EU Blue card (Aufenthaltstitel – Blaue Karte EU);

Blaue Karte EU

Third-country nationals who have completed studies lasting more than three years at institutions of tertiary education and who earn a yearly gross salary for a job corresponding to their education -or skills- that exceeds 47,855 euro gross annually (2024) have access to the EU Blue Card Austria.


You must, in general, apply for your residence title and visa in your home country before entering Austria. You should submit your application to the competent authority in your country and wait for the decision.

In exceptional cases, you may apply in Austria and may be able to wait for the decision while present in Austria.

You may also make an in-country application to prolong your residence title or change its purpose in time. Such applications are submitted to the regional administrative authority or magistrate (in capital Vienna). You may be able to wait for the decision while present in Austria.

Extended information can be found on Help.gv.at.

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