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If you intend to work in Finland in a role that requires a high level of competence, you should apply for the EU Blue Card.

You can apply for an EU Blue Card if:

  • Your work demands a high level of competence and requires high qualifications or special expertise.
  • A diploma, a certificate or other document demonstrating formal qualification and showing that you have completed a programme in an educational institution. The document must also show that the qualification involved a minimum of three years of study. The educational institution issuing the document must be entitled to do so under the laws of the issuing country.
  • Your contract for the job requiring a high level of competence will last for a minimum of one year.


Note that you must apply for the EU Blue Card prior to your arrival in Finland.

Applying for the card in Finland is possible only if you already possess an EU Blue Card issued by another EU Member State (!) and you have resided in that country for a minimum period of 18 months for work purposes.

Extended information can be found on Finnish Immigration

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