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To work as a highly-qualified worker,you have to apply for an EU Blue Card. You can obtain your Blue Card before entering Hungary, as this will include permission to enter and reside in Hungary, or you can apply for the EU Blue Card in Hungary while staying in Hungary on another permit.

The EU Blue Card is a permit to work in a job that requires advanced skills. This means that the job must attract a certain minimum salary, which is set according to a method of calculation established by the government. You must also have the higher qualifications required to do the job.


Apply for an EU Blue Card at the embassy or consulate in your country of origin or the country of lawful residence. Again, you may also apply for an EU Blue Card in Hungary at the competent regional directorate of the Office of Immigration.

Two key forms are available for Blue Card Hungary. Both are to be submitted in person with Hungarian immigration.

1. Application for Residence Permit (Word document) - Link
2. EU Blue Card - Appendix 3 (Word document) - Link

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