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Europe Needs Talent!

The Blue Card Network is the platform for people to submit their blue card application and for European employers to recruit international talent.

Employers increasingly look beyond their countries' borders to find suitable candidates; the EU faces an ever increasing gap between the demand for skilled workers and their availability.

Ambassadors Welcome!

Our challenge is to provide employers with an ample choice in professionals. We call for your help by being our ambassador. An ambassador refers people to our website.

Individuals and organisations can be ambassadors. Whether you run a company in Kampala or you're a bachelor student in Mumbai; your help is appreciated and rewarded.



10 Euro per completed profile


50 Euro welcome bonus


Receive payments via PayPal or bank


Get Started!

Sign up today and receive your unique link to refer people to the Network. Use 'ambassador login' to access to your ambassador dashboard, track sign-ups, sales and access marketing tools.


• I am a student at a university. Can I recruit fellow students?

• How do I market my ambassador program?

• How are people attributed to my ambassador account?

• As an EU Blue Card Network candidate, can I also be an Ambassador?

• How do I earn a commission?

• When will I receive my earnings?

• What is my legal position?

New Ambassadors are not being accepted at this time.