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EU Blue Card Lottery

Diversity Visa program

Is there a Blue Card Lottery, similar to the United States Green Card Lottery?

No. There is no Blue Card Lottery.
In the US there is the Diversity Visa program, better known as the Green Card Lottery. This program started in the early nineties when congress wanted to see more cultural diversity in US immigration. A number of green cards (approx. 50K) are awarded annually. Only non-US citizens can participate, and it is free of charge.

EU Blue Card

The blue card is specifically designed to attract talent. For the card to be awarded, you have to be a non-EU citizen, highly educated/skilled and a job contract or binding job offer is necessary. Most people don’t have the latter yet, hence our 'raison d'être': connecting people with employment in the EU.

The blue card provides a fast route to permanent residence in Europe and is overall much faster awarded than a green card. Weeks compared to years for the green card.

Citizenship by Descent

In the 1950’s and 60s, many families and individuals from European countries, all countries really, but typically Italy and Ireland, migrated to the New World. Some traumatized from WW2, seeking refuge abroad as Europe just ended its second war and it was only mid-century. Others migrated as they saw better opportunities for their family and offspring abroad.

What is sort of a public secret is that all EU countries have legislation that allow descendants of these migrants to gain citizenship based on their EU-born ancestor. Learn how to obtain this second, or dual, citizenship (effectively an EU citizenship/passport) on this platform, called Taskforce.

EU Blue Card Lottery
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